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Birke Family Lessons

In the film Browsing Through Birke’s, Associate Producer Szifra Birke uses humor and personal anecdote to guide viewers through the lives of her beloved parents, Nathan and Sally. Her honesty, poignancy, and passion for story brings us closer to her family and the valuable life lessons they imparted. Bring Szifra’s wit and insight to your business, organization, or school — Laugh, Learn, and Be Inspired!

A communications consultant, author, and speaker, Szifra mixes a little of her parents’ “Old World” wisdom into her practical suggestions to help people make the most out of their work and family life. Topics include:

“Vy You No Try?” (Dare to Succeed)
“Don’t Make a Turkey Out of a Fly” (Perspective)
“Money iz Just Vun Kind of Rich…” (True Wealth)

Szifra has been featured in local and national media, including:

To book Szifra to speak at an event, contact her at or 978-446-9600.
Visit Birke Consulting on the web at

“Szifra’s warmth, compassion and caring are keystones to her writing and presentations. She shares her own development and the processes of her clients so all may benefit. Szifra is a woman willing to speak out and make a difference in the way we perceive and respond to ourselves and our fellow human beings.” — Anita Ralstin, RN, MS, Associate Professor of Nursing, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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