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UMass Lowell History Students Create Learning Tools Inspired By “Browsing Through Birke’s”

November 14, 2016

I’m so proud, honored and humbled to have the documentary about my family being used to help educate teachers and students across the country. Thank you again to Sheila Anderson Kirschbaum for imagining this project and to Autumn Sacramone and Suzanne St. Peters for creating the discussion guide, a website, and for their dedication and passion. Please read the full story  below via the UMass Lowell News Room on how this Tsongas Industrial History Center project, and partnership, came to fruition:

November 3, 2016
by Katharine Webber
“History isn’t a dead discipline found in dusty books: It lives every day in the people around us.
That’s what history majors Autumn Sacramone ’17 and Suzanne St. Peters ’16 discovered when they decided to go beyond the classroom and become practicing historians.
They created a study guide for the Tsongas Industrial History Center to accompany the 1996 documentary “Browsing Through Birke’s,” which portrays two Holocaust survivors, Nathan and Sally Birke, and their business in downtown Lowell, Birke’s Department Store.
“Projects like this where you get personal, intimate information help students connect with the material more,” Sacramone says. “It humanizes history for them. It seems like it’s such a cold subject, but it’s really not.”
> To continue reading the full story, please CLICK HERE.
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